Gizzmo started back in Auckland, New Zealand in 1992 soley doing wiring on show, race and performance vehicles and circa 1996 released it's first product, a FCD for RX7's. About 4 years after this a shift light with launch controller was introduced and at this time ,Gizzmo was also reverse engineering ECU's and modifying their parameters to enhance performance.


A couple of years later a second improved version

of the shift light and launch controllers was released.

To accompany these was our first of many boost

controllers known as the IBC. By this time Gizzmo

also had an in house 4WD hub dyno, performance

workshop and was retuning ECU's in real time on

the dyno.


Over the years more products have been added

and some removed as trends and demands have

changed over the course of time.


In 2006 Gizzmo shut down the Dyno and performance shop, packed up, and jumped the gap to migrate to Melbourne, Australia. From this point on Gizzmo was dedicated to electronics only. Gizzmo, over these years has constantly improved it's products in regards to performance, technology, size and features.


Occasionally we are contracted to carry out unique design work, normally within the automotive sector, to design leading edge products that do not exist anywhere else. This is often fraught with obstacles, but who doesn't like a challenge.


Gizzmo is distributed through 10 countries and is still based in Melbourne. If for some reason you have trouble obtaining our products please let us know so we can rectify that.