We've upped the bar. With the 4th major revision of the MSIBC we've focused on further reducing the size and making it much more pleasant to use by employing an extra button and OLED display.


In every regard the V4 looses none of the MSIBC-V3's strengths and only builds on the already strong foundation of the

MSIBC-V3. Like the MSIBC-V3, the V4 can endure 52psi of

boost pressure,  has 16bit processing power and even shares

the exact same connector, so you can unplug a MSIBC-V3 and

plug the V4 straight in.



Ok, let's start by saying this is not a one size fits all shift light.

This will only work with J1979 vehicles which, if you live in the USA, is mandatory on all cars since 2008. If you are outside the USA, it almost always work on all US branded vehicles

e.g. Jeep's, Dodge's, GM's, Fords etc. It has also worked on GTI's, Mercede's, Mazda's, Kia's, STI's....it's a varied bunch.


The upside is that you can literally fit this in under 5min provided you know where your OBD fitting is (normally under the drivers side of the dash). It is a no brainer to set up with 1 button to set first stage and another for second stage and it's encased in a anodised aluminium laser etched enclosure.