At Gizzmo, our development team consists of one person. This can provide both strengths and weaknesses, but for what we do day to day, it is a huge strength. The reason for this is simple, the person who writes the firmware knows everything about the hardware and vice versa. Debugging becomes easier and faster and by knowing all the facets of every part of the project, the resulting product become more fully integrated, this is a tried and true philosophy with Apple and that is why they do their own operating systems for their products, click here for Steve Jobs quote.


Other advantages of this are not so technical, for example...

  • The ability to move rapidly on a project
  • Less overheads equate to a leaner development cost
  • Less engineer to engineer communication saves time, cost and mistakes
  • Being able to leas with one person for the whole project
  • Being able to make swift changes throughout the project


Our design service starts with ideas: clients come to us with concepts, both simple and complex, and we assist them through all the stages of the new product design process.


From the initial product concept and design to production and after sales support and maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to make your project a success.


Technologies we have experience and expertise in include...

  • Embedded design
  • Touch sensing
  • Low power battery designs
  • LCD/OLED integration
  • Motion sensing
  • Bluetooth integration
  • App integration
  • GMLan
  • Automotive


Our service includes...

  • Firmware Design
  • Hardware Design
  • PCB layout and schematic capture
  • Phone/Tablet App design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacture
  • C-Tick, FCC and CE compliance


After the prototyping stage, you can choose to take over the manufacture and we can relay all the technical data to your manufacturer or alternatively we can refer you to our trusted suppliers/contractors or we can deal with the manufacture on your behalf, it is completely up to you.


Should you have a project that you think may be well suited to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch...






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